Youth have a natural affinity for Truth. Truth meaning what truly works on all levels. #SadhguruQuotes https://t.co/2Cn3wfjVzs

NOTe Inspired by: what an all i mean.

NOTe Inspired by: one meaning i got inspired in one conext.

NOTe Inspired by: “NOT e”, yes E is equal to E-mail, Internet. So i am Not Electronically inspired. Internet is online, e-media right. So i didn’t get inspired by seeing this tweet online or in e-media.

NOTe Inspired by: another meaning is “note”, got inspired by in this context.

Like this everymoment i can go and giving infinite responses to the above tweet.

So point is not meanings or differences. Its about infinite possibilities.

Keep in mind, its what works. Not what is accurate, inferior, superior, scientific, or even meaningless.

But what works today might not work today. So if truth doesn’t work tomorrow don’t say its wrong.

Eg: On a planet say mars with only demons then morality, God is a Sin. Get it.

Okay wait, on Jupiter it rains diamonds. So now tell me if it rains diamonds on earth.

Will diamond still be precious, chargeable. No. You will get it free in the roads, in gutter, in the pond, where an all rain falls. Right.


Get the essence, its about finding what works for you, need not work for me.

Eg: Even if you hold my hand and cook, the taste will be different compared to when you cook it by yourself.

So point is not who does better cooking.

Its not that i cooked with your help.

Its not that i cooked later on my own.

Its not that i learnt cooking from you.

Its not that you taught me cooking.

Its not that after this also i said you dint teach my cooking.

Its not about me learning cooking also.

Its not that you cooked right.

Its not about you cooked better.

Its not about whether we both cooked in the first place as well.

Yes what is cooking for you is boring, useless or no meaning for tribals.

Coz they just eat off the wild. I know they do burn meat, hunt etc.

But just saying if i eat only fruits and veggies, for me you are mudering vegetables. Remember Hell burning the evil spirits in oil.

Just saying Spirituality is what you experience or even if you don’t experience it or you had a bad experience, fake experience or none of a kind experience.

Is there any guarantee, can anyone on this earth say any person just walking on the road cannot become spiritual.

Yes he could too.

Sometimes you are spiritual but you yourself might know it also. Atleast can happen right. Say coma patients, can anyone say they are not enlightened. They could be but the person himself might not know it.

Just keep that in mind everything, ANYTHING, nothing and even Wrong thing can happen to you spirituality.

But after few years or in someone else’s eye it can be completely different. It might not even be spirituality to them.

Take a one week baby to cricket match. Its a sport only for who people who can understand it.

Trust me, get it. I hope i need not say further. Pause, got what i am saying.

The baby will be give you infinite meanings, antimeanings or nomeaning to the same cricket match.

As i said its not about being right or wrong or factually correct.


Just God, NO ingredients Added

Point is Can a person who is BLIND, DEAF, DUMB, ILLITERATE, with no hands, no legs, experience #God, #spirituality? Try explaining Jesus, Allah, Bible, Shiva, Idol, Worship, Quran Now. Yes, such a person can still experience God without any Idol, Book or preaching. Just saying THERE IS NO ONE WAY TO GOD. Or its okay …

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How to prove if GOD exists

Simple. God means beyond time. You call God, Salvation, Heaven, Jesus, Allah or No God, E=MC2, as well, whatever. ENERGY CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR DESTROYED. ONLY FORM CHANGES. EVERYTHING INCOSMOS IS ENERGY FORMS INCLUDING NOTHING.  You can call nothing is potential energy. Yes, so from nothing also things happen. Imagine you have full concrete …

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Atleast Die as YOGI and Not as rogi

Here’s few who Transcended human Body, Mind, Consciousness, Emotions, Desires, Sins and even worshipping God himself. Trailanga, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi. Details may be exaggerated but its not impossible. Dig deep, atleast you will know they left body or died at free will. FACT, they left their body@ will. Even Gandhi– fasted for 21days. So you can NOT …

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I could have ritten a book starting with foreword to bibliography. But end of day why do you read a book to improve. It can be vocabulary, grammar, knowledge, skill or even anything. So from my point i respect all of them; so at same time you see from my perspective the attempt i am …

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Get the essence ignore the rest

Not everyone becomes spiritual. Wait this is just one context. It means that for eg, i was walking and got spiritual. Yes it can happen. Buddha did no mantra, meditation, etc till he became Buddha. It was three incidents and his horoscope which also indicated he would become a sanyasi. But then what about people …

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What is SpIrItUaLiTy 2.0 ?

As i said earlier, lets get straight to the point. What if there is just you and God on this earth. Then wat happens to yourGod, Bible or Allah or Shiva or say even if you say No God. Get the point. So see everything is right only in a certain context. For eg: i …

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Sadhguru – What Should Be The Front End Of Our Life? Reply to Comments

Video is about: Sadhguru – What Should Be The Front End Of Our Life? Comment: Again the topic diverted. Reply-1: Good, you put it across, that you din’t understand. Question is = Girl is asking should she listen to her INNER VOICE or EXTERNAL situations. INNER VOICE here means her Thoughts. Now he’s telling that NO matter …

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Did you know you can leave your human body

In fact, who knows what you were in previous birth. If you don’t believe in rebirth, Google it. Think, its fake. Dig deep, find truth. Challenge, see if someone can do it. Small girls in jains do it. Not a big deal. Point is not oh yes if you fast you can die, anyone can …

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Mahabharat FULL EPISODE Series Episode 1 By Sadhguru HD. Reply to Comments

Comment: Isnt one rotation of earth a day and one revolution a year. So how does these concepts of yugas work. Answer: We can write a paragraph about how long days last on other planets. On Mercury a day lasts 1,408 hours, and on Venus it lasts 5,832 hours. On Earth and Mars it’s very similar. Earth takes 24 hours to …

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Comments: We give you the benefit of the doubt .So if that is the case the principle works for all women going to any temple. Is it not? So the same principle will apply if people go to the Ram Mandir whenever it is built in Ayodhya too. So why cannot the Supreme Court be …

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