Which is the best smartphone to buy in terms of performance and speed: Samsung On7 Pro, Panasonic Eluga Ray X, or Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus?

I have brought a Panasonic Eluga Ray X, it also has MediaTek CPU, and camera is very poor. But the rest is good and it has gorilla glass, front finger print scanner, dual sim port + micro sd card slot, 4000 mah battery (back up is good), available in 32 GB for 8999 or 16 GB for 7999.

The Eluga Ray X is like a entertainment plus business phone. It has all the features but it is not best in performance due its MediaTek processor, plus the sound/video or multimedia is not great.

Lenovo K5 Plus phone like all phone is a phone for the youth or those who are into gaming, multimedia with a slight compromise on business features or utility.

Samsung On7 Pro is a good quality phone at the price it is sold but not great in specs compared to Lenovo and Eluga.

So buy samsung if you just want to use a phone and not bother too much.

If you are the type who likes to experiment and high on games, music and a bit of apps go for Lenovo.

If you want a phone with features and price then go for Eluga. But camera and music will be poor.

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