How is Lenovo K8 Note smartphone?

It’s a business + entertainment phone combo. Basically, its a NOTE phone with entertainment features. Ideally suitable for a young professional who is multitasking yet wants good gaming, music or video performance.

Here are the features:

  1. Dual Sim – Dual Sim slots
  2. Finger print scanner
  3. 10 core processor.
  4. Dolby Atmos for Sound effect
  5. IPS Full HD display – 5.5 inches, 1080 x 1920 px display with HD recording.
  6. Dual Camera – 13 MP Dual Rear + 13 MP Front Camera
  7. Dedicated memory card slot upto 128 GB. (Total 3 slots – Sim 1 slot + Sim 2 slot + 1 memory card slot)
  8. Internal Memory 32 GB and 64 GB option.
  9. Battery – 4,000 maH with power saving mode
  10. Corning Gorilla Glass
  11. Metal Body
  12. Standard Android installed – No extra apps installed, so free of needless apps. Which means better performance as well.
  13. Water/Splash resistant – Is rated as splash resistant. This means that if you accidentally spill a glass of water on the phone, it should emerge unscathed from it. However, if you dunk the phone in a bucket of water or accidentally drop in in a swimming pool, the chances of it surviving the ordeal are pretty much nil. The splash resistant certification means that you can use the K8 Note while it is raining heavily without worrying about any kind of water damage
  14. VoltE phone – So can make voice or video calls in 4G network. No need to install MyJio app or any other app. Just use any 4G Sim, make calls.
  15. Fast Charger – gets fully charged in 90–100 minutes.
  16. Usage wise the phone is pretty good, i would rate 8 out of 10 (1 point reduced as it has back fingerprint scanner, i would have liked front fingerprint scanner. Other 1 point reduced, would have liked 4500–50000 maH battery, as 4G, VoltE is highly battery consuming. 4,000 maH battery is good for someone who is a moderately high user. High users who use more than 2.5 hours than you have a bit of issue or say you ON GPS while travel, battery will come only if 2 hours that too, if it is fully charged. But since its a non removable battery, they could have given 5,000maH battery. Otherwise, it has all the features one can ask for in a budget phone but remember the quality is way better than budget phone. The quality of the phone is closed to 20,000 rupees phone. Close to 1 year used this phone, installed more than 30 apps, no hang. Good Video thanks to HD screen and excellent audio – thanks to Dolby Atmos. Played many games, no hang or lag. Dual Camera is excellent probably the best camera phone. Slight heating issue is noticeable but its because of metal body. In case heating issue is there regularly switch off VoltE. VoltE is quite power consuming. Switch on VoltE – when you want to make video calls or receive 4G video calls.
  17. Power saving options – plenty of power saving options. You can also optimize apps which are consuming more power. Phone itself will suggest about apps consuming more power and you have to just click to optimise.
  18. Facial Recognition – Under Smartlock, you have this feature as well.
  19. Price not more than 10,960 for 32 GB and 11,555 approx for 64 GB.

    Overall, i would suggest to buy this phone if you are looking good quality, solid features, good camera, above average battery.

    Nothing drawback but just would have liked to have a front finger print scanner and 5000 maH battery. Otherwise, fine. Slight heating issues have been raised by many users but that is because of VoltE. So Lenovo can sort it out. Anyway if you are not making continuous video 4G calls or switch off VoltE, its absolutely fine.

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