About Me

Hi all my name is Ashok. About myself. Well it wasn’t actually as easy as i thought. Let me show you how. I just like you all try to this activity. Try imagining your self, your face. Some of you might have got it but what about those who didn’t get it and found it tough.

Then the other reason, today morning when I was sleeping one part of me is telling wake up ashok, time to college. The other is telling sleep. So which one is the true ashok. The sleep ashok or wake up ashok.. I don’t know, infact the description I give now could be a different description of ashok in the next session.

So what I am trying to say is when we cant even picture our own image. Telling about myself that interpretation is surely a step ahead. I mean next time when someone asks tell about you, its not your education, age, gender, date of birth. Its about you, minus everything. Isn’t it.


You still are there, even if your age changed, you dont have a degree, you dont have a name, right..Think about it..

Anyway riddles apart, without further confusion- let me introduce myself the true ashok- hopefully.

I am pretty disciplined.. there’s a reason to it. Say we all are unique. Say some have good voice, some good writing. But if we don’t use it regularly. Then.. you know wats going to happen. So, discipline is my plus point.

I believe in team work, simple becoz we all live in a society. Say what if my mom said today I am feeling tired, manage your breakfast and lunch. Ok fine. Then milkman, grocery shop guy shut shop for some reason. Then the bus drivers are on a strike.. so when people say its my hardwork, my success, my fame. Its not only theirs, there is some one  else’s effort also involved, directly or indirectly.

So, the next if you can help some one, you know what to do.

Then my hobbies, I specifically don’t have any activities. But yes, on daily basis I read newspapers, short stories, magazines. Then being with friends, everything about cricket- watch, play even comment with pals. And then the internet.

Basically, I am an introvert and prefer to keep to myself. I always look for change. I am very realistic – I know my limitations.

Then about my professional life – done my B.A and M.S. in Media/Journalism.

It’s been a decade long journey with specialization in #Digital Marketing #SEO #CorporateCommunication #ContentWriter #CopyWriter #Blogger #Freelance #Creative #Yoga.

Have worked with Industry Behemoths like Fidelity Investments, Reliance E-commerce, Sobha Developers.

Have also dared to travel the lesser known path with Startups and Upcoming companies like Wisdomleaf IT Technologies, Carsingh, BankBazaar, Think Communications.

My industry exposure has seen me work in wide variety of domains like B2B, Ad Agency, Cars, Finance, Real Estate, Fashion, E-commerce, IT etc.

While my personal interests have driven me to usually write about Health, Personal Investment, Ayurveda, Yoga, and issues of current interest.

My aim – this is a bit of story. What I have learnt from parents is life is not about just getting settled with fat pay check, decent family, All insured and good retirement plan. No..

For e.g.: we all know what is the purpose of the honey bee. It collects nectar, make honey and so on. So, when a small creature like a bee knows its purpose, what is our role in this world. In fact Google honey bee extinct and world collapse in 7 days. You know what i mean. In 7 days world will get destroyed if bees go extinct.

What about us, humas, in fact my guess world will be a lot better. No pollution, no exploitation, no chemicals, no threat to environment, list just goes on..

Yes, some might say being good, achieving success things, inventing. But is that all, infact who said this. And if you ask even the most successful, richest, clever man- he would still have some unquenched thirst. There has to something true and satisfying for the humans.

And my aim is to contribute to that purpose, that true purpose of human. Getting a job, home, family all that will be there…

Ok then thank you for this session………..

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